31 – Environmentalism in fiction writing

The topic of this episode is environmental apocalypses in fiction writing. We discuss this with Marinette Grimbeek, who in her doctoral thesis investigates the environmentalism of Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy. In fact, her research leads her out of the novels, as she finds that the MaddAddam Trilogy forms part of Atwood’s real-world environmental activism. In our conversation, Marinette describes how Atwood plays with the boundaries between fact and fiction, commercialism and activism, to promote an ecological understanding of the world. To read Marinette Grimbeek’s doctoral thesis follow this link: Margaret Atwood’s Environmentalism : Apocalypse and Satire in the MaddAddam Trilogy


30 – Strömsnålare diskmaskiner

Hur kan man minska diskmaskiners elförbrukning? Detta är vad Peder Bengtsson undersöker i sin doktorsavhandling i miljö- och energisystem. Genom experiment och simuleringar visar Peder att diskmaskiner som använder värmepumpsteknik kan minska elförbrukningen till hälften. I vårt samtal berättar Peder mer om sin forskning, och om hur den kan bidra till att spara både energi och miljö. Läs mer om Peders forskning i hans doktorsavhandling Apply heat pump systems in commercial household products to reduce environmental impact : How to halve the electricity consumption for a household dishwasher.